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HELF, with its adjustable design, is the one and only innovative product that can offer complete hygiene in the market. After you put your remote into HELF cover, you can adjust the length and close the cover. The security film on top of the cover will avoid the infrared signal, hence the user cannot use the remote before peeling off the security seal. This patented security seal ensures the user to be the first to use the remote

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use helf?

• Take out the disposable Helf! from its box.

• Insert your remote into the cover, placing infrared section of the remote upwards.

• Adjust the cover size to fit the remote and seal it up for a secure use.

• Peel off the protection film and leave the clear plastic underneath that shows you are the first and only user.

• You can start using your hygienic Helf! covered remote.

Who should use it?

Helf is especially recommended to persons who encounter mutually used remotes or similar devices. Researches show that remotes contain the most amount of germs. Sadly it is not possible to completely clean a remote.

Where are the must use places for Helf?

Helf can be used in various places, but hospitals and hotels are the required and must use places.

How to purchase Helf?

You can purchase Helf by contacting us at helf@helf.care 

Customised Design for your Brand

If you need to use only your branded product in your hotel room or hospital room as per your corporate policies, this is also possible!

We can print the desired design on HELF’s security film, you can also use it to promote your different products / services, or even use this security film as a discount voucher.

Contact us for details helf@helf.care