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Researches of Arizona State University resulted in similar results:

• Every year more than 2 million American’s come down with hospital originated infections.

• Every year nearly 90.000 people pass away due to hospital viruses.

• Person who comes down with Staphylococcus aureus infection gets treated in hospital for 14 days.

• Every year, patients coming down with hospital viruses increase the hospital expenses by 9.5 billion dollars.

Bacteria & Virus Analysis in All Areas

Hotel, Office, Clinic

Researches show that remotes that can be found in public places such as hotels, hospitals and offices contain the most bacteria.

No matter how much you clean them they are far from being hygienic. They even cause bacterias/viruses from spreading to other people.

Helf ensures you are the first and the only user of the newly covered remote, and your personal hygiene. That way Helf protects you and your loved ones from internationally spreading diseases.

In November 2014, scientists run test at the 5 star hotels in America and the results were shocking: Scientists found E.Coli and MRSA viruses on the remote.

E.Coli – Kind of bacteria that lives in large bowels of mammals.

MRSA – is an antibiotic resistant hospital virus that can be found in public places. They cause serious skin diseases.

Helf hygienic remote covers with its patented design, guarantees your hygiene and ensures you are the first and only user of the remote. Helf prevents various kind of dangerous bacterias and viruses from spreading through using remotes in public places where tens of thousands of people touch.

Around us

In our daily lives we face serious threats without realizing. Germs can spread a lot faster than we can think in public places. For Examle; If a sick person touches an object in public use, the other person who touches that object is %89 likely to contaminate the sickness. This rate stays high for long durations, such as:

  • -Contagion rate in 24 hours: %69
  • -Contagion rate in 48 hours: %53

Our loved ones’ healths are always important to all of us, put the threats that we are not aware of puts us and our loved ones in danger.

Bacterial Analysis of Patient Rooms in Hospitals
Common Control 400 Bacteria
One Time Control 300 Bacteria
Newly Opened Remote 10 Bacteria
Siphon 40 Bacteria
Tap 60 Bacteria
Bathroom Door 70 Bacteria
Tray 150 Bacteria
Call Button 230 Bacteria
Door handle 50 Bacteria
Exterior door 210 Bacteria
Interior Door Handle 55 Bacteria

Are you aware of the dangers that are waiting for you on HELFless remotes?

Covid 19

It is transmitted by inhaling droplets scattered in the environment by sneezing coughs of sick individuals. It is risky to touch the eyes, nose or mouth with dirty hands. It is a virus that can cause death by damaging the lungs.

E. Coli

Causes bloody diarrhea and if you don’t take precaution it can cause death. E.coli’s live in large bowels and can be mostly found in toilets. This infectious bacteria spreads through direct contact. It can cause bloody diarrhea and if the necessary precautions are not taken it can cause death.


Causes soft tissue infections. This antibiotics resistant and hard to cure MRSAs spreads through direct contact. It can cause skin and soft tissue infections as well as pneumonia and blood circulation infection.


By settling on a nerve cell it can cause deadly consequences. Herpes virus that settles on nerve cells can be found around face and genital areas. It can spread easily through body fluids and can have deadly consequences.


Causes death by kidney and liver failure.
Ebola virus that has high contamination risk spreads through body fluids. Ebola causes function reduction on kidneys and livers, and has a high risk of death.


Causes typhoid and food poisoning. Salmonella’s live in bowels and can be mostly found in toilets. Spreads through direct contact. It can cause typhoid and food poisoning.

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